Our Committees:

The South Lake Union Community Council is composed of several committees that include board members and community volunteers. It is not necessary to be on the board to serve in SLUCC committees and we invite SLU residents and businesses to attend a committee meeting to find out more about how they can be involved. For more information on each committee, contact the committee chairs. 

Planning & Policy:

The PPC oversees and contributes to community projects relevant to the SLU neighborhood, design guidelines, building permits and other projects to address the growth and development in South Lake Union.

PPC Committee Members:

Jerry Dinndorf (Committee Chair, Board Member)

Don Bennett (Community Member)

Jim Goodspeed (Board Member)

Kyle Ducey (Board Member)

John Thomas (Board Member)

John Pehrson (Board Member)

Erin Maher (Board Member)

Mathew Curry (Board Member)

Lloyd Douglas (Board Member)

Phil Fujii (Board Member)

Maura Fallon (Community Member)


The Transportation Committee focuses primarily on mobility improvements in the SLU neighborhood that address the needs of all commuters, assuring that bike lanes, rapid transit, pedestrian safety and parking are taken into consideration in transportation changes, that meet the needs of the SLU community.

Transportation Committee Members:

Kyle Ducey (Co-Chair, Board Member)

Phil Fuji (Co-Chair, Board Member)

Erin Maher  (Board Member)

Mike McQuaid (Board President)

Jim Goodspeed (Board Member)

Matt Curry (Board Member)

Elizabeth Swan (Hines/Amazon Representative)

Michael Davies (Uptown Alliance Transportation Representative)


South Lake Union is home to many non-profits, tech and science innovation hubs, businesses, artists, and engaged residents who call South Lake Union home. The Placemaking Committee brings together community members to contribute in ideas, events and projects to in make the SLU neighborhood a great place to live and work. 

Committee Members: 

Ben Grace (Committee Chair, Board Member)

Jim Goodspeed (Board Member)

Mike McQuaid (Board President)

Lloyd Douglas (Board Member)

Phil Fuji (Board Member)

Maura Fallon (Community Member)


From block parties, art and music events, to non-profit and community updates on the services they provide, to community listening sessions with elected officials, the Communications Committee serves to share all that's going on around SLU. 

Committee Members:

Edlira Kuka (Committee Chair, Vulcan Inc.)

Mike Ferris (REI)

Noelle Smithhart (SLU Resident)

Hannah Holtgeerts (Y @ Cascade People's Center)

Dan Jacobs (Common Table)

Natalie Dewey-Smith (SLU Chamber of Commerce)