John Pehrson

If you’ve been anywhere around the South Lake Union neighborhood over the past 8 years, especially in places where concerned residents are gathered, you have most likely run into John Pehrson.  From the early days of the neighborhood rezone to his current involvement in the Denny Substation project, John has been a tireless voice for all of the people who call this area home.  A resident of Cascade’s  Mirabella community, he has served actively on councils that help form and shape the heart and soul of SLU and has actively advocated for community input and pedestrian friendly gathering spaces which bring life to a neighborhood  Previously serving on the Cascade Neighborhood Council, John has most recently been involved in the SLU Community council, most recently as Secretary, and on the Cascade Park Activation Committee.

John’s impression of SLU today is that it is a dynamic and rapidly growing diverse neighborhood, with the many non-profit organizations, social service agencies, markets, restaurants and cafes, low income housing and life science organizations that make up the SLU neighborhood. He loves the energy and dreams that within five years, the Cascade neighborhood and all of SLU will continue to have open spaces, great streets and pedestrian-friendly, interactive sidewalks, biking and continue to foster the small business and residential neighborhood, built around Cascade Playground and the streets connecting the park to other parts of the neighborhood.

Those things are very evident whenever you talk with John, however, there are a few things that you may not know about him.  John worked for 33 years at Boeing, as an engineer on the Apollo Saturn Program, working on several spy satellites and strategic missiles. His involvement in local communities began way back when he was on the Bellevue School Board, 55 years ago.

John’s contributions to the community continue to be invaluable, as he is a very thoughtful, strong advocate, hard worker and a wonderful neighbor to many who have had the chance to work with him on many community projects.  He continues to be a wonderful example of those who make up the heart and soul of this ever changing neighborhood.