Patty Turnberg

Patty celebrating the new van recently donated by Boeing

Patty celebrating the new van recently donated by Boeing


What is her SLU connection?

Patty is the recently retired Executive Director of Immanuel Community Services (ICS).  ICS is based out of Immanuel Lutheran Church in the Cascade section of SLU.  They are able to utilize their facilities as “rent free” guests of the church.  They exist to provide services to homeless individuals and others in need through services including a food bank, men’s shelter, and hygiene center.  During her time leading ICS Patty has had the privilege of collaborating with businesses large and small as well as other area non-profits to insure that their community has access to resources and services.  Just recently she was able to celebrate with ICS the generous gift of a new van, donated by Boeing.  (see photos).  She has also been able to effectively build relationships with the many companies and non-profits that partner with ICS through volunteering, providing weekly meals, and support to homeless individuals living at ICS or accessing their services.

It is all of the amazing people she has gotten to know while working in the Cascade/SLU neighborhood, and collaborating with the Immanuel Lutheran Church that have made her time in the community so special.

What one word would you use to describe SLU?:



In 5 years I can see SLU …..  including a diverse population makeup, including many families, children, working groups, along with those working themselves out of homelessness, that can continue to be able to access services and call SLU home. In a city that is continually growing, that it would also continue growing responsibly and mindfully in regard to our most vulnerable populations.


What we might not know about her:  She just recently finished training to become a yoga instructor and she will be putting that to good use in her retirement.   Patty is looking forward to retiring and enjoying all the amazing things she loves to do in her free time, including traveling with her husband and helping her sister host French foreign exchange students.