"Phenomenal" Lake Union Park Opens

On a beautiful fall day with a clear view of the Space Needle, the City of Seattle celebrated the Grand Opening of its 12-acre Lake Union Park.  The Seattle Parks Foundation, which was hoping for 10,000 attendees, said that approximately 20,000 people participated in the free sunrise to sunset activities.  Starting with sunrise yoga, the party continued with a family fun run, ribbon cutting, live music, kayak and paddle board demonstrations, History Trail guided tours, and refreshments at the food and drink booths. Grand-opening SLU Park

"This is the most meaningful park opening I have seen in my lifetime in Seattle," said South Lake Union Community Council board member Mike McQuaid.  "As a trustee of The Steamer Virginia V Foundation and a resident of SLU, I think that this new park elevates the quality of life in this neighborhood and showcases our hip new working and living neighborhood."


Lake Union Park is a public park and also a center for cultural and marine heritage.  It features a model boat pond, a beach for hand-launched boats, a restored shoreline habitat, a 300 -foot long interactive fountain, and a History Trail. It will also be home to an expanded Center for Wooden Boats, the Museum of History and Industry (MOHAI) and the United Indians of all Tribes canoe center.

McQuaid commented that what impresses him most is that he sees people enjoying the park on a daily basis.  "I see people admiring the view, walking the trails, biking, and enjoying the open space in a densely populated area of the city," said McQuaid.  "The change in the South Lake Union neighborhood is a great civic revitalization. It is phenomenal."