SDOT's Construction Hub Team Helps South Lake Union Get Around

Private and City of Seattle-led development in booming throughout South Lake Union.  To help lessen the impact of the many elements of major development projects, on residents, workforce and visitors to South Lake Union, the Seattle Department of Transportation has initiated the Construction Hub Coordination Program .

Made up of a team of professionals with a mission to proactively address and respond to the cumulative mobility impacts, through active management of construction-related issues, the Construction Hub team’s role is to share information about construction projects, with the community at Community Council and Stakeholder meetings and one-on-one with effected neighbors. the team will listen to the community’s concerns and serve as a liaison with major construction projects. 

In South Lake Union, for construction related street and/or sidewalk issues contact our neighborhood’s Construction Hub Coordinator:  Ken Ewalt, SDOT Street Use | | 206.684.4995

Learn more about construction coordination in South Lake Union: or contact the SDOT Construction Hub Program at