Seattle Department of Transportation Launches New Construction Hub Coordination Team

With all of the ongoing construction in South Lake Union, have you ever been frustrated by a traffic lane closure when it looks like nothing is taking place there? Or when walking, found yourself at an intersection and unable to cross the street because of a crosswalk closure? Or while on your bicycle, seeing the bike lane suddenly blocked with heavy equipment and a sign saying "Bikes Merge With Traffic" without much notice? Wouldn't it be nice if projects were coordinated and managed to minimize mobility impacts on our community? I think so!

The Seattle Department of Transportation thinks so, too. SDOT recently announced its new Construction Hub Coordination Team to work with communities to actively manage and minimize cumulative impacts: South Lake Union is one of these identified construction hubs according to Brian DePlace, SDOT Right of Way Manager. DePlace presented to the SLU Community Council last month and shared some of the team's 2014 objectives including:

  • Providing resources via a Hub Coordination website
  • Coordinated construction maps of hub areas
  • Fact sheets with updated construction schedules
  • Education to prepare travelers
  • Collaboration with business owners, community members and other stakeholders to ensure the best mobility possible.

South Lake Union's site coordinator, Ken Ewalt, encouraged community members to contact him each time they see an issue so he can document and address the concern. You can reach him at