SLU Community Council Endorses ST3 Route Servicing Denny Triangle, SLU & Seattle Center

SOUTH LAKE UNION -- With the conviction that light rail service must reach and robustly serve the rapidly growing and regionally vital South Lake Union neighborhood, the South Lake Union Community Council has taken a leadership role in asking regional transportation leaders to include light rail service to this flourishing extension of Seattle’s downtown core.

The Community Council joins nine community organizations and 32 businesses, academic institutions and non-profit groups representing stakeholders from the broader South Lake Union, Denny Triangle and Uptown neighborhoods in a letter supporting the service that was sent to the Sound Transit Board  this week.  

The Mercer Corridor Stakeholders cited light rail as critical to moving residents, visitors and work force to and from the dense urban neighborhood containing some of the highest concentrations of employment in the region and the Seattle Center, which welcomes more than 12 million visitors every year.

“Light rail service is critical to the viability of South Lake Union as a regional economic driver and helps residents throughout the region, to easily reach jobs here and in the downtown core,” said Mike McQuaid, president of the South Lake Union Community Council.  

The letter endorses a preferred tunnel through downtown Seattle connecting Tacoma to Ballard through the Denny Triangle, South Lake Union and Seattle Center/Uptown – know as “Option 3”.  It also calls for light rail stations serving populations from the three Regional Growth Centers in the area.

Providing efficient access to light rail service in the Denny Triangle, a mobility hub planned in the heart of South Lake Union near the North Portal of the Highway 99 deep bore tunnel and the Dexter Ave. / Westlake corridor and the Seattle Center is critical infrastructure for the growing workforce, residential populations and visitors in the area, states the letter.

“A downtown light rail tunnel and three stations serving the Denny Triangle, South Lake Union and the Seattle Center is consistent with Sound Transit’s core priorities for the development of the ST3 System Plan,”  said McQuaid.

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