SLU Seniors Invite District #7 Council Candidates to Speak/Listen

April 3, 2019




For more information contact: 

Bob Nale, Chair - Bart Harvey Resident Council   206.229.3116 (voice/text)


SLU Seniors Invite District #7 Council Candidates to Speak/Listen

All nine candidates running for City of Seattle City Council District #7 seat vacated my Sally Bagshaw, have been invited to speak / listen to the concerns of senior activists residing in the South Lake Union neighborhood.

Located at 430 Minor Ave N. the Bart Harvey apartments are home to 49 seniors, including disabled and non-English speaking residents. The Bart Harvey Resident Council recently voted unanimously to invite all candidates to visit. Each candidate has been contacted and provided scheduling options with some candidates scheduling immediately. Other SLU neighbors and organizations are also being invited to attend.

Just north of downtown Seattle lies the South Lake Union Cascade neighborhood – bordering the I-5 corridor from Denny to Mercer. Once  known as the laundry district, the Cascade neighborhood has surged in recent years with dense business and residential property development, replacing historic dwellings with high-rise buildings. Market rents have exploded. Parking is nearly impossible. But the primary concern for the residents of Bart Harvey senior apartments is their personal safely.


Activist residents of Bart Harvey senior apartments have successfully worked with the City of Seattle to remove an abandoned house in their block that was being occupied by drug dealers. Residents also petitioned City Council for 6 new street lights that were installed last year and will be activated soon. Residents also organized a neighborhood Block Watch Program with Seattle Police Department.


Public safety remains the primary concern for the senior residents of Bart Harvey apartments and will surely be a topic of discussion with the candidates.  Residents hope to determine which candidates will get their votes and contributions, and which candidates will speak on their behalf to local government. 

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PUBLISHERS NOTE: There is limited seating as the space will accommodate 50 max. If you would like to attend please RSVP by email and indicate which Saturday afternoon you prefer – 2PM on Saturday April 20th or 27th .