South Lake Union Community Council Elections at Next Board Meeting--Tues, June 7th

The South Lake Union Community Council will hold its 2016 elections on Tuesday, June 7th from 4-6PM, at 415 Westlake special events venue, during our monthly board meeting. All are invited to attend.

The following board positions are being considered for board members: Community Elected Position 9, and Board Appointed Positions 1, 3, 7 and 11. Interested candidates have submitted their letters of intent by the May 11th, 2016 deadline. Their detailed interest to be re-appointed or newly appointed to the board are listed below, in the form of letters of intent:

SLUCC Board Appointed Position 1:

Dear Mike and fellow members of the SLU Community Council Board:

It is with sincere intent that I write to inform you of my interest in continuing service on the Board of the SLU Community Council where I currently hold board-appointed Position Number 1.

As the Research Operations Manager for the University of Washington School of Medicine here in South Lake Union, I take a keen interest in the development of the neighborhood as a place that supports both residents and workforce members. We all share an interest in making SLU a welcoming and inviting location that takes advantage of our geographic ‘centralness’ to offer a home, neighborhood and destination for both work and play. With the Community Council’s established role representing this neighborhood with the City of Seattle, I believe we can have an impact in furthering these goals. With that in mind, I hope that you will allow me to continue my service with the Council.

Thank you for your consideration of this request.

Matthew Curry

SLUCC Board Appointed Position 3:

Dear Mr. McQuaid

Your continued need for volunteers to serve the South Lake Union Community Council (“SLUCC”) has come to my attention.  I am writing you to express my interest in a board position, either by appointment or by election, at the upcoming SLUCC meeting. 

I have served on the SLUCC for one full term and am excited to continue to be a part of the council as a board member.  I am currently acting as the treasurer for the SLUCC and would like to continue to serve the community council in this role, or in any other role that can best serve this outstanding group.

I am employed as the Controller of W.G. Clark Construction Company.  My career in the construction industry has helped me to understand and appreciate the team dynamic that is essential in the construction process.  It has also given me insight on the parties involved in the planning and development that creates a balanced and thriving community.

My employer, W.G. Clark, is a 100-year-old business located in South Lake Union that is committed to quality development in the neighborhood.  We relocated our corporate offices to 408 Aurora Ave N in 1923 and have been an active part of the South Lake Union business community for more than 90 years.  I am looking forward to this opportunity to give back to the community that has supported us for many decades.

I look forward to hearing from you. Please contact me should you desire any further information

Respectfully yours,

Kyle Ducey

SLUCC Board Appointed Position 7

 Dear Board Members of the SLUCC,

 This is to state my interest in remaining on the Board (for a Board Appointed Position) of the SLUCC for a second term. As a resident and business owner in the neighborhood I have a genuine interest in the community and the progress it makes toward the future.

 As an architect and urban designer I have helped raise awareness of the importance of Pedestrian Oriented Design in our buildings, landscape and streetscape. I voluntarily participated in the neighborhood rezone process, and I am a current member of the Planning & Policy Committee and the Placemaking Committee. I have also participated on steering committees for the Denny Substation Task Force and the Lake2Bay stakeholder’s group as a representative of the SLUCC. I also have current and past design projects in the neighborhood.

 As a resident, I offer first-hand knowledge and observations of a variety of issues that face the area – be it transportation, traffic, crime, business, culture and the like. I am a solutions-oriented thinker and take great care and pride in the neighborhood.

With near-perfect attendance in my tenure to date, I have been an engaged participant of the Board and would be delighted to serve another term.


Jim Goodspeed

SLUCC Board Appointed Position 11

Dear Mr. McQuaid,

I submit this letter as my formal request for consideration to join the South Lake Union Community Council in a Board-appointed position. With over 15 years’ experience in non-profit housing and leadership in Seattle, I have a unique prospective and expertise to offer. Previously as the Housing Director for the YMCA of Greater Seattle I provided regional leadership on young adult housing and oversaw a network of housing facilities, operations, and social services across King County. 

At Bellwether Housing I provided leadership on the Property Management team for affordable workforce housing throughout Seattle for their over 1800 units of housing.  And now for the past four years as the Director of Property Management at Plymouth Housing Group, I oversee a department of 100 staff, managing operations for approximately 1000 units of supportive housing (mainly formerly homeless) at 12 properties and support the real estate team with new development in the pipeline to ensure smooth operations.

In addition to my employment positions I have held a number of volunteer positions connected to the housing community including as a member of the McKinney Vento Steering Committee, Co-Chair of the Committee to End Homeless Youth and Young Adult Committee, Chair of the King County Young Adult Housing Task Force, and I served on the Board of Rainier Avenue Church for four years and was a graduate of the Housing Development Consortium Leadership Development Program in 2010. 

I am proud of Plymouth’s commitment to Seattle’s unique and vibrant neighborhoods –including South Lake Union!  In 2000, Plymouth developed the David Colwell Apartments in the South Lake Union neighborhood on Yale Street.   The Colwell Apartments provides 124 units of affordable workforce housing.  The Pat Williams Apartments opened in 2013 on Pontius Avenue North. 

The Williams Apartments provides 81 new homes for Veterans and people intent on recovery from addiction, both alcohol and drugs.  The Williams Apartments is LEED-certified and sustainably-built building with several energy conservation components.  There is also a P-patch so residents can grow their own vegetables and flowers in their South Lake Union neighborhood. In 2012, Plymouth’s featured non-profit organization and was the beneficiary of donations raised at Vulcan’s 8thAnnual South Lake Union Block Party.  

The celebration attracted approximately 10,000 attendees. In my role as Director of Property Management at Plymouth Housing Group and given my background in supportive and workforce housing, I am interested in sharing my expertise and experience to help the South Lake Union Community Council fulfil its Vision.

Thank you for your consideration,

Andrea Owner

SLUCC Board Appointed Position/SLUCC Community Elected Position 9

Dear South Lake Union Community Stakeholders:

I am writing to express my interest in serving the South Lake Union Community Council as either a

Board Appointed Position or a Community Elected Position.  I have lived in the South Lake Union neighborhood since 1999 at the Altera Condominiums, in the often overlooked northwestern “panhandle” of the neighborhood, where I own also an additional rental property.

I served on the Board of the Alterra Homeowner’s Association for 15 years, from inception through 01/2016. I also work in South Lake Union as one of three partners of a financial planning firm, Silkworth, Gemmill, Khin & Associates (a franchise practice of Ameriprise Financial Services). I service a wide variety of clients, many of whom also live and/or work in South Lake Union.

As a resident and small business owner in the neighborhood, I have a constant desire to remain actively involved and, wherever possible, I welcome the opportunity to contribute to the ongoing health and vibrancy of South Lake Union. Some areas in which I find the most interest are in (1) collaborating with developers and planners to help create a safe and functional neighborhood from the pedestrian perspective, (2) working with planners and policy makers to address issues and bridge gaps in making SLU a true live/work neighborhood, and (3) forming alliances to create stronger ties with Queen Anne and other surrounding neighborhoods.

My previous involvement within SLU includes membership in the South Lake Union Chamber of Commerce, volunteer work with the Cascade Community Gardens and Community Center, service on the Board of Directors for Rebuilding Together Seattle, and service on the Board of Directors for Lake Union Opportunity Alliance. hank you for your time and consideration.


Chris Gemmill

SLUCC Community Elected Position 9:

Dear Mike,

I am writing to express my sincere interest in continuing as a board member of the South Lake Union Community Council.  It has been both an honor and a pleasure to work alongside such a diverse and engaged group of stakeholders whose interest is in helping to enhance the streetscape vitality, livability and lifestyle of South Lake Union and helping to shape public policy in support of our goals.


Erin Maher

With a background in commercial brokerage and resort development and a passion for local place-making, Erin joined her partners in 2010 to open Row House Cafe in Seattle's Cascade neighborhood. Over the past six years, Row House grew along with the community and transformed from a coffee shop into a full-service restaurant and bar in response to the burgeoning population growth in South Lake Union. 

 Erin is actively involved with other stakeholders in the community whose goal is to influence and help shape the new landscape emerging in the area. Her efforts include helping to mitigate construction impacts to area business and residents while contributing to the cultural development of the neighborhood. Erin is a member of the Denny Substation Task Force, a community advocacy that lobbied for streetscape improvements in Cascade as a public benefit tied to the development of the new substation. 

Erin owns The Maher Company, LLC, a real estate consultancy and Interior Design firm that advises property owners, developers, investors, lenders, and asset managers in the Northwest. The firm specializes in launching new developments, conducting strategic property and business turnarounds, and spearheading business development, marketing, and public relations efforts to maximize financial performance for her client companies.